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PMP Exam Preparation Resources with a Kanban tracking system

Get rid of your struggle to find the right resources in one location to prepare for your PMP exams. PMOBytes has organized all the required resources in one location using our QPunch – Smart Project Management Application. This application is not only organizing the resources but also assists in tracking your progress as you are preparing for the exams. It helps you plan yourself in a structured way which is important as you are aspiring to be a Project Manager.

You can consider your studies as a project, the final objective of which is to pass the PMP exams. The information which is provided, part of this structure is as below:

1 Sample Exams:

Sources to the most popular exams on the internet are referred here.

2 PMP Application Prerequisites and Procedure:

All application requirements and the needed information with a sample template to organize your experience details have been provided in the activity below.

3 Important concepts and required formulas for the exams

All important concepts such as critical path, network diagrams, different estimation techniques, ITTOs, different process understanding, Leadership concepts etc. are covered in the below activities.

3.1 Formulas cheat sheet

Required formulas to calculate PV, EV, ETC, EAC, BAC etc. are included in the below activity within the PMP exam prep project.

3.2 Estimation Techniques

Concepts on the estimation technique are covered are as follows

3.3 Critical Path

Its no more a hassle to understand the critical path with the information captured of the related activity within QPunch. Refer each video and clarify all the required critical path concepts to be prepared for these exam questions.

If you want an access completely free of cost to these crucial resources to prepare for your exam, register today at with PMP in the end of your username. Once you do that, PMOBytes will host in your account this project as a sample for 1 month access which should be sufficient to prepare yourself for the examinations. The video below guides you through the registration process and provides a demo for these resources prior to accessing them. Ensure your captions on YouTube are switched  on to see the guidance during the video using the sub-titles. 


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Feel free to contact us via chat or comments or at, if you need any assistance during your PMP exams preparation. Good luck! 

For more use cases, refer the links below:

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